Australasian Diabetes Congress 2020 - Social Media

Social Media

Each year we see increased activity on the Congress twitter account with our delegates actively tweeting about the meeting. To view all communication regarding ADC 2020, search for #20ADC or @ADSADEA or @AusDiabetesEd once logged into twitter.

If you haven’t already, follow the Congress at @ADSADEA and use the hashtag #20ADC, connect with the conference on Facebook and view highlights from previous years on our YouTube Channel!


While we encourage the use of social media before, during, and after the ADC 2020 as a means to share information and network with others who are attending the meeting, we remind you to adhere to ADS and ADEA social media guidelines, including the following:


  • Follow ADC 2020 on Twitter (@ADSADEA) and use the #20ADC meeting hashtag to follow the latest updates and join in the conversation about the ADC 2019.
  • Blog or tweet about what you are hearing and learning at the Annual Meeting, but refrain from sharing when the speaker explicitly requests you do so. Talks are tweetable and shareable by default, but speakers can ask that specific details or slides are not shared.
  • Converse and network with other attendees before, during, and after the conference.
  • Provide feedback to ADC staff and the Program Committee – we encourage attendees to post/discuss topics of interest and ideas for future annual meetings.
  • Communicate with respect and consideration for others, and keep criticism constructive.


  • The use of photographic, video, or other type of recording devices is strictly prohibited in all oral sessions (i.e., platform, plenary, invited, etc.) and poster sessions at the ADC 2020. Therefore, it is also strictly prohibited to post photos/images or video recordings from these sessions on any type of online site, including social media platforms, blogs, personal Web pages, etc.
  • Capture, transmit, or re-distribute data presented at the ADC 2020 – this may preclude subsequent publication of the data in a scientific journal. Please be respectful of journal embargo policies and do not jeopardize the work of your colleagues!
  • Engage in rudeness, slander, or personal attacks.